Naturally Unapologetic

She cannot apologize for her nature, Not when Earth doesn't regret her own. She's not sorry for the rain that leaves her eyes Or for the storm she craves after nights To restore her back Just below the breaking point. She's not sorry for the art which resides within her, Tornadoes and hurricanes, Shredding ideals … Continue reading Naturally Unapologetic

I picked a blade of grass  From the root of the Earth's molten core  And through the tiniest home that this blade occupied,  A ray of bold shot into the sky I trailed the ray up to the night  And saw the star it claimed  I took another blade from the ground  And then another  … Continue reading

Success Undefined

Definitions are restrictive. They are the wrappers of the goods that hide inside. We must undefine words to truely understand what they mean.


Last night I searched for Emerson and Thoreau in libraries tall of unbound books Ideas climbing up shelves into new collections of words for constructive debates. Words, free to lift off pages as they please, Make the air so densely rich I cannot resist inhaling too deeply So I may feel my alveoli tingle and … Continue reading Alexandria

A Long Race to Run

"Hello!" I shout, Over echos of unconscious streams of vibrantly dynamic consciousnesses, But He can't hear me, She can't hear me, And neither can They. Headphones secure, They rely on imposed input To fuel them through their race, Absolutely fixated On that "focusless middle-distance" That keeps spewing track Adamant to define the path as either … Continue reading A Long Race to Run

The Leaves They Seek

The chirps and the beeps the black machine speaks Echo a nervousness around me. Away from the birds, and the leaves they seek, Away from hammocks under clouds and moss on the north side of trees, The black machine tries to fill me with voices from countries from people, With foods impossible to taste and … Continue reading The Leaves They Seek


"Need" is a word that rests heavy on her tongue  But if she must use it, it is to describe the things that run through her veins  The insanity she needs, like an addict needs their fix  The chaos she craves so she doesn't have to question where she fits And the motion of the … Continue reading Fireflies

Love Notes to Time

Clouds swirled noon into evening Old rain jumped from forever evergreens Into the open mouths of concrete covers, Against bricks and also against transparencies invading vulnerable bodies that lay in the comfort of the last lights of sun, dialing Time on her private number And writing love notes when the line rings busy. Satisfied notes float … Continue reading Love Notes to Time